Athanasopoulos - Pin Quartet

Athanasopoulos / Pin Quartet

Athanasopoulos/Pin jazz quartet is exists with different formations since 2003. Currently, since 2008 the members of the quartet are:

Thanos Athanasopoulos – tenor and soprano sax
Marcos Pin – guitars
Paco Charlin – bass
LAR Legido – drums

The band plays the compositions of Thanos and Marcos which are in the style known_to_the_ones_who_know_stuff_about_stuff as SUPER JAZZ and has recorded 3 albums so far. “Knock before”, “Modern Money Mechanics” and “About time”.

Thanos' Electric Mandarine

Thanos’ Electric Mandarine

A quartet that plays jazz, but doesn’t play swing. A band that experiments diving fearlessly into the grooves of funk, punk, rock, reggae and many more. An electrofunky superwow kind of thing… Original compositions that intend to make you wanna move basically.

Thanos Athanasopoulos – sax, effects
Stelios Papazoglou – guitar
Nikos Skaropoulos – electric bass
Thorsten Grau – drums

Weaah band logo


A Chicago funk band in Amsterdam. Funk is a feel. And WeaaH is the sound of this feel

Paul Mundy – baritone and alto saxophone
Ian Rijksen – drums and vocals
Niyambura – vocals
Thanos Athanasopoulos – tenor saxophone
Charli Green – trumpet
Sebastiaan Scheurleer – guitar
Davey Norket – keyboards
Oliver Emmitt – trombone
Nikolaos Skaropoulos – bass


Majazztic is the jazz trio or duo for your event-party.